Desktop Computer Services  (Mac & PC)

  • Complete Operating System Service! ( From Windows 95 To Windows 10 and All Version Of Mac OSXs )
  • LCD / LED Monitor Screen Repair Services ! (Sorry, We're No Longer Fixing Old CRTs)
  • Remote Assistance! ( note: a working internet connection is required )
  • Wireless Network Install ! ( help setup strong wifi range router for home or office )
  • Hardware Repair / Upgrades ! ( We Fix Any circuit boards for laptop or desktops) 
  • New Computer Build / Configuration ! ( We Help Build Hi-End Gaming Desktop PCs )
  • Network Installation & Maintenance ! ( Help setup or install any size Network )
  • On-Site fixing no internet issue. (If you got no internet connectivity, give us a Call )
  • Computer got over heating issue and kept rebooting or crashed ? We can help. come in for a professional HAP service. 
  • Help Upgrade Windows 7 (no Longer being supported by Microsoft) to Windows 10
  • Help Data Transfer from old computer to new computer

   Laptop Repair Service   ( Mac & PC )

  • Hard Drive Crash (Won't Boot) or Bad Sectors (Slow/Freeze);
  • Power On, But Got No Display; (No Post On Screen)
  • Doesn't Power On Or Not Charging The Battery;
  • BSOD; (Blue Screen Of Dead)
  • Screen display issue (including vertical Lines, Image Distortion, Screen Blurring, Freeze )
  • Data Transfer Service from Old Non-Working Laptop To A Brand New Laptop;
  • Data Removed By Virus Attack Or Power Failure;
  • Data Deleted without Recycle Bin, Or When Recycle Bin Has Been Emptied;
  • Liquid Damage Restoration Service;
  • High Air Pressure 0% Moisture Damage Cleanning Service Plus CPU Fan Lubrication;
  • Fix Hingest Broken on any kind of laptops;
  • FIx /Replace DC-Jack /Charging Ports for all brand laptops;
  • Specialized in PC and Mac Laptop Repair
  • Spyware / Malware /Virus Removal
  • Troubleshooting All Kind of Computer Problems
  • Component Level of Computer Repairings
  • Maintenance & Service Contracts
  • Computer Networking /Management
  • Data Backup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Warranties & Guarantees

Office Location:
1080 S La Cienega Blvd, Suite 203
Los Angeles. CA 90035
424-245-4270 (Office Line)
310-806-1352 ( Mobile )


Business Hours:
(Make Sure Call For Availability Before Come Visit The Shop)
Mon - Fri
9:30 am - 5:00 pm
Sat - Sun
By Appointment Only

   Data Recovery Service ( No Data No Cost Policy )

  • Recovery Data From Hard Drive Crash (Won't Boot) or Bad Sectors (Slow/Freeze);
  • Recovery Data From Doesn't Power Laptops and Desktops;
  • Recovery Data From BSOD Computers; (Blue Screen Of Dead)
  • Recovery Data From Data Removed By Virus Attack Or Power Failure;
  • Recovery Data From Data Deleted without Recycle Bin, Or When Recycle Bin Has Been Emptied;
  • Recovery from your PC, Mac, Laptop, Desktop, External HDD, Raid Array, Memory Card, Zip Disk;
  • Data Recovery from Liquid Damage Devices;